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Colorado Summer: FoCo Fondofest

As autumn starts to show its face around the country, we’re taking some time to reflect back on our summer ventures. The first stop on our Colorado trip was the FoCo Fondofest, in Fort Collins, CO. We’re proud to have supported this rapidly-growing iconic gravel event for two of the three years it’s been around. The event is a unique juxtaposition of competition, self-challenge, and fun with four different length rides to entice riders of all levels and ages, optional Strava segments to compete for cash, and overall time goals to win a coveted bolo tie. With two of the promoters being former State Wheels athletes and current pros on the road and multiple current State Wheels athletes in attendance, it was a no-brainer to return again for 2018.

For events to run well and run smoothly, it really takes a village. We were happy to be a part of that village, supporting riders whose rides went awry, having a presence at the finish festival and being a part of the Fort Collins community. Riders enjoyed a cloudless, warm summer day for a glorious gravel adventure. Check out this little video we made to share the day:

P.S. The 29 Gravel wheelset is the perfect wheel for the generally packed gravel and rolling hills of Northern Colorado, providing enough support for when the gravel runs deep.