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Colorado Summer: Breck Epic

Our second stop on our Colorado summer trip was up to Breckenridge for Breck Epic where we were the Official Wheel, providing neutral support at this 6-day arduous mountain bike race. Breck Epic includes 6 stages between 35-50 miles, all finishing within a mile of downtown Breckenridge and utilizing the vast trail network that Breckenridge is famous for. A rich week of shared experiences.

With a long race and challenging race, unexpected mechanicals happen, which is where we come into play. Sometimes we are helping with small but stubborn mechanicals, providing a new STATE wheel for a rider to finish the series on after a serious mishap, or even taking people down from the mountain for non-emergencies like busted shoulders.

Events like these take a ton of effort on the participant's end physically, but it was also no light duty for us! We spent 11-12 hours a day working for 6-days straight, all for you. Big thanks to Sem Gallegos from Kogel Bearings, who was our partner in the event, helping our well-oiled neutral support keep everyone's bike working smoothly. We feel that beyond just bomb-proof fast wheels, we love to build community through support like this.